At Strategyzer, our purpose is to unlock millions of people’s potential to create value for themselves, organizations, and society. We succeed when inspired people find the clarity to drive healthy growth and build invincible companies worldwide. To make this happen, we’ve designed the global standard and platform for solving universal business challenges. We believe our success in achieving this purpose, vision, and mission depends on the quality of our people and culture.

From our headquarters in Switzerland, we’ve developed global impact and reach with a fully distributed team that works remotely across 15+ countries (with a strong growing presence in Ontario/Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland). Our team contributes directly to the unique company culture we have today and is committed to transforming traditional management practices to build a truly great place to work.

We’re recruiting a Program Manager to join our growing team! We are looking for an enthusiastic and go-getter program manager who can effectively drive a variety of projects in a remote global team environment. We need a person who understands the dynamic world of a scale-up organization and can be effective in it. The person should be an expert hybrid PM who understands traditional project management and agile project management. Certifications in relevant areas are an added advantage.

Note: This is a full-time role; however, we are open to considering exceptional candidates with 80% working capacity.

Team members at Strategyzer enjoy:

  • World-Class Team: Be part of a highly visible, globally recognized organization, and contribute to a paradigm shift in strategy and innovation in the world’s leading enterprises.
  • Strong Company Culture: We strive to create an environment with strong psychological safety and frequent feedback structures to allow our people to do their best work.
  • Flexible Working: Work from anywhere globally or from our physical office hubs in Toronto/Canada, or Zurich/Switzerland. We offer flex hours for our team to work when they are most productive and support family needs.
  • Growth Allowance: Professional and personal development are vital at Strategyzer. All team members get an annual growth allowance for conferences, courses, certifications, coaching, and more. We also include a yearly book allowance.

The Program Manager Mission & Outcomes

Your mission is to…

  • Drive a variety of internal projects that are aimed at scaling the organization.
  • Inspire project teams to achieve intended outcomes with a strong eye on risk mitigation.
  • Provide clear direction to multiple internal project teams and work with our external partners to ensure our business goals are reached.
  • Set up best practice processes and rituals that achieve maximum performance and accountability.
  • Maintain effective communication and reporting to stakeholders according to business standards.
  • Feed insights to the product teams with recommendations from project implementation to help them build world-class products.
  • Lead high-impact initiatives end to end, from defining requirements all the way through to deployment, in iterative agile ways.
  • Facilitate various forums to build cross-functional alignment.

The successful candidate will immediately contribute, not limited to, in the following ways:

1. Strategyzer Events Center

Our physical and virtual Strategyzer Masterclasses and Bootcamps are world-renowned for being hands-on programs with extremely high energy engagements, countless exercises, and tremendous take-home value. These events are attended by leaders, senior executives, strategists, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, or business coaches and have been built off of the global recognition from our four best-selling books.

As our Program Manager, you will be driving the setup and operations of these world-class events.

2. Strategyzer Creative Suite

Our internal creative suite involves our in-house Design, Marketing, and Content Guilds. They create stellar outward-facing communications which are simple, visual, and practical. They are inspired by our very own design principles and work to achieve our unique identity.

As our Program Manager, you will be leading the execution of various projects under this suite.

3. Strategyzer Coach Network

We are building a world-class community of coaches to partner our vision to help millions unlock their potential to drive innovation.

As our Program Manager, you will lead various projects to conceptualize, build, and grow the network.

Requirements For The Role

While this is a remote role, you must [generally] reside between GMT and GMT+4 to be able to work synchronously with the majority of the Strategyzer team.

All potential candidates will be scored on the following competencies.

1. You strive to be a great human being.

We want world-class human beings who:

  • Strive to show deep care and empathy for your team members.
  • Have strong integrity and morals that drive your accountability.
  • Are open-minded to the views of others and constantly work to improve themselves for the betterment of the whole team.

2. You perform at the highest level.

These are the technical qualifications we require:

  • 10+ years of proven experience across project/agile management, product launches, and consulting, having worked across business functions and levels of management.
  • Advanced degree in business administration or related fields preferred.
  • Professional certifications: Scrum, PMP, or equivalent are a plus.
  • Proven experience in coaching project teams on project management and agile methodologies.
  • Proficiency with the latest project and remote management platforms (fostering visually-driven collaboration).
  • Strong mediation and negotiation skills.
  • Hands-on working experience with tools such as Trello, Slack, Miro/Mural, MS Project, Jira, etc.

3. You are a great collaborator.

Collaboration is key to our success as a team. We want a Program Manager who is or has:

  • Incredibly hungry and wants to make an impact with our team.
  • A customer-first approach to delivering value. Our team will be your internal customers.
  • Enthusiastic about learning our methodologies and tools - especially the Team Alignment Map, Team Contract, and Culture Map.
  • Able to weave between autonomous and collaborative working styles.
  • A strong writer and communicator for a fully remote, global environment.
  • Not afraid to iterate on an idea or prototype if it means we create better value.
  • Able to focus on the bigger picture while paying close attention to the fine details that will get us to success.
  • Open to constructive conflict and can navigate Radical Candor feedback.

How We Hire At Strategyzer

We pride ourselves on a robust, fair, and diversity-focused recruitment process.

There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate, so don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back. You don’t need 100% of the preferred qualifications to add incredible value to our team. If you’re passionate about what you could accomplish here and have the experience to match it, we’d love to hear from you. We are in particular looking to encourage women to come and build the next wave of leadership at Strategyzer.

The following steps allow us to find the best fit for this role. Finding the right person is much more important to us than adhering to any deadline, and therefore we will keep this position open until we fill it with the perfect match for us.

Step 1 - Intro from Candidate

Upload your CV in PDF format.

Create a 4-minute LOOM video intro of yourself answering the following questions:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally?
  3. How do you understand the essence of this role and how would you approach it?

Step 2 - Two Discussion Rounds

  • Mission and Outcomes
  • Role Traits

Step 3 - Reference Discussions

Step 4 - Cultural fit/coaching conversation

Step 5 - Working Simulation

Step 6 - Offer