Freelance Consulting - Growth Hacker / Testing SME

At Strategyzer, our purpose is to unlock millions of people’s potential to create value for themselves, organizations, and society. We succeed when inspired people find the clarity to drive healthy growth and build invincible companies worldwide. To make this happen, we’ve designed the global standard and platform for solving universal business challenges. We believe our success in achieving this purpose, vision, and mission depends on the quality of our people and culture.

From our headquarters in Switzerland, we’ve developed global impact and reach with a fully distributed team that works remotely across 14 countries. Our team contributes directly to the unique company culture we have today and is committed to transforming traditional management practices to build a truly great place to work.

To expand our library of online content we are looking for inputs from a ‘Growth Hacker’ as a testing subject matter expert. The focus is solely on early stage product discovery and validation. We are not searching for someone with general growth hacking experience. The subject matter expert will support us on a freelance consulting basis over the duration of a month. Successful delivery may lead to follow up engagements.

Our ideal candidate has several years of testing experience. You have run hundreds of online ad experiments, landing pages, and A/B testing experiments. Ideally, you have many real-life testing examples that you can share publicly. You have a proven track record of collaborating with a remote team.

This is a freelance contract position for 10-20 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks. To optimize remote collaboration you reside between GMT-5 and GMT+3. Your Strategyzer collaborators are based in Europe, Canada, and Australia.


  • Document the process of running online ads, landing page and A/B testing experiments to test business ideas, including providing a detailed step-by-step breakdown
  • Collaborate with our internal content team of writers and instructional designers by serving as a subject matter expert and consultant
  • Improve our internal team’s knowledge and understanding of above mentioned experiments
  • Review existing content on testing, as well as scripts and keynotes drafted based on your input

Responsibilities over the duration of the contract:

  • Prepare & share documentation, examples, data, visuals etc. from experiments
  • Record demos and walkthroughs of testing processes for internal use
  • Be available for ~5-10h of virtual interviews & work sessions with the internal content team
  • Review script & video drafts, and provide actionable feedback

Skills & Qualifications

  • Several years of experience as a Business Idea Tester / Marketing Growth Hacker
  • Hands-on experience from hundreds of experiments with off-the-shelf landing page tools and A/B testing tools, using different ad platforms
  • Domain expertise in landing page UI/UX best practices from hundreds of experiments
  • Hands-on experience from hundreds of pricing experiments

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Strategyzer’s methodology (namely our book “Testing Business Ideas”)